Frequently Asked Questions

Please note!!! I have 4 Colorado singles Meetup sites, a singles Colorado Facebook page, and my singles Colorado website! I have 8000 singles in my group in Colorado! You do not see all the people signing up and attending on my Meetups because people sign up from all different avenues!
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I’m shy when I meet new people. How will I fit in?

Most of our events are structured in a way that you will be encouraged to interact with others, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about approaching someone. And remember, a lot of the other people there are in the same situation… it can be a great conversation starter!


Why should I attend one of your events when I can just meet people over the internet?

At our events, you’ll meet other singles face-to-face in a comfortable environment. See what they look like, how they communicate, and how they respond to you. If you meet someone face-to-face first, you can make an assessment of that person without a large investment of time or energy, as you sometimes do with correspondence through email. As perfect as someone may look on paper, chemistry is always a factor. Feel the chemistry first!


Why do I have to pre-register?
Can I just show up on the day of the event?

We ask for registrations in advance to ensure that there are an equal number of men and women at our events (this applies to most, but not all events) or because we often have to purchase space or tickets in advance. If plans change at the last minute, we need to know who is planning to attend so we are be able to contact you. Also, many times we end up with a wait list for certain events, and we would hate for you to make a trip out to see us when we don’t have space! Although you are welcome to show up at an event without a registration, there is no guarantee that there will be room for you to participate. So sign up early to make sure you get a space!


How much does it really cost for Rocky Mountain Singles events?

There are no membership fees to participate in Rocky Mountain Singles events. You pay only the price listed for each individual event. We will always list what exactly is included for the registration fee. Often, the only exclusions are alcoholic beverages.


What is your cancellation policy?

All registration fees are non-refundable once you have registered. If you are not able to attend an event that you have been confirmed for, please let us know as soon as possible. For many of our events, attendance by everyone is critical to the success of the event!


What happens if I am on a waiting list?

Sometimes we have a waiting list due to an uneven number of registrations from men and women. Often, we can get people from the waiting list into an event as people continue to register. If you are on the waiting list, we will contact you as soon as space becomes available.


What kind of people will I meet at Rocky Mountain Singles events?

People just like you! Our clientele are mostly single professionals looking for a safe, comfortable alternative to meeting people in the bar scene.


What is the average age range of participants at Rocky Mountain Singles events?

We offer events for singles of all ages! Some of our events are open to everyone, but many have specific age ranges. If there are any age guidelines, they will be listed in the event description.


Can I attend an event if I am older or younger than the specified age range?

While any stated age ranges are just a guideline, we discourage people from signing up for an event in which you do not fit the age range. The reason is that when people sign up for a particular age group, they are expecting to meet others within the same age group. We try to vary the age ranges so that there is something to please everyone. Please be respectful when guidelines are set, and stay within one or two years of the range. There are plenty of other events we offer that have no age requirements or limitations!


How many people attend each event?

The number of people at each event varies.
We usually have larger groups for Lock &Key Parties, speed dating, and special events. Some of our classes and dinner events are a bit more intimate.


What is the success rate?
Do people really meet and get married?

Yes, people really do meet their future spouses at our events. We know of many happy couples, and there are probably many more — it’s hard to tell exactly, because, often, people meet someone special, ride off into the sunset together and then we never hear from them again!


How will I know what events are coming up?

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