For the past 18 years, Rocky Mountain Singles has been about providing comfortable settings for singles to meet each other. We are not a matchmaking service. We just provide the comfortable environment for you to meet other singles, whether you are looking for a relationship or just want to make new friends.

While other singles companies specialize in just one way of bringing singles together, Rocky Mountain Singles offers a wide variety of events to choose from. Whether you like one-on-one meetings, fast-paced mingling activities, or low-key dinner events, Rocky Mountain Singles has an event for you.

What separates Rocky Mountain Singles apart from other singles companies is that we are locally owned. This allows us to provide personal service to our clients; you are not just a registration or a number to us. It is our goal to make sure that every single person has a positive experience at Rocky Mountain Singles events.

Our events have been featured on 9News, CW2 News, in the Denver Post, Colorado Springs Gazette, Downtown Denver News, on the “Style Matters” show on KNRC radio and the morning show on KKFM radio with Wild Bill Cody. We have also been involved in promotional events for the TV shows “Mr. Personality” on FOX and “Who Wants to Marry My Dad” on NBC.

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Please note!!! I have 1 Singles Love Travel singles Meetup site, a singles Colorado Facebook page, and my singles Colorado website! I have 4000 singles in my group in Colorado! You do not see all the people signing up and attending on my Meetups because people sign up from all different avenues!
Thanks, Dianna